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"Sabbia" is a film by Kate McKabe with music by Brant Bjork (2006). 
"Sabbia" offers stunning footage of the desert shot by cinematographer Kate McCabe 
set to music created specifically for the project by Brant Bjork (born March 19, 1973) an american musician from Palm Desert, California, who is a drummer, guitarist, singer, producer, and a founding member of the band Kyuss
He is one of the more notable figures in the Stoner Rock and Palm Desert scenes. 
Bjork joined Fu Manchu as the drummer for 1997’s "Action Is Go" - a role he continued to fill until his departure prior to the tour for their 2002 album "California Crossing". 

He continued to work on many projects with his former bandmates from Kyuss: Desert Sessions, Mondo Generator,... He founded the band Ché who released their only LP "Sounds of Liberation" in 2000. Check out his discography on Duna Records website: (although it is not complete...!)

He has also recorded several solo albums including the psychedelic and soulful "Jalamanta" (Originally released on Man’s Ruin, 1999), "Brant Bjork and the Operators" (2002), " Keep Your Cool" (2003), and "Local Angel" (2004), the latter three being released on the music label Bjork founded, Duna Records. 

"Sabbia brings the low desert and landscapes of California onto film with a full soundtrack by Brant Bjork. Brant cites himself that the motivation of Sabbia was to bring the desert scene to a lot of people who haven't experienced it for themselves"

Sabbia Soundtrack: 
01 - Cobra Jab 
02 - Cool Abdul 
03 - Drums And Cocktails 
04 - El Rolo 
05 - Fresh Coffee 
06 - Future Freak 
07 - Heavy Nature 
08 - Hinda 65 (Return Flight ) 
09 - Joint Ritual 
10 - Kaleidoscope 
11 - Let The Truth Be Known 
12 - Nectar Alamo 
13 - Palm Tree Reader 
14 - Rock-N-Rol'e 
15 - Shrine 
16 - Ultimate Kickback 

DVD available for purchase at : 

Brant Bjork on MySpace : 

Brant Bjork on wikipedia : 

Duna Records : 

Original Soundtrack : (Rapidshare 320kpbs/161mb) / (Mediafire 60mb) 

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Aqua Nebula Oscillator

" ... Aqua Nebula Oscillator captures the waves emanating from the cosmos t
launch its space music to the face of the whole world ... " (David Sphaer'Os) 


Aqua Nebula Oscillator, a Parisian garage & psychedelic rock outfit, was formed in 1999 by David Sphaer'Os, a fan of dark psychedelic rock culture, parallel dimensions, voodoo, ethnic trance, horror and cult movies from the 20’s to the 60’s, painters like Hieronymus Bosch or Salvador Dali, dark underground literature (H. P. Lovecraft, Isidore Ducasse, Antonin Artaud), UFOs, aliens and they create a similar atmosphere in their music. Each gig turns into a rocking, psychedelic, apocalyptic, spacey trance!!! On stage they can play 3-minute songs or long improvisations. Each concert is different depending on the energy of the band and the public. 

Through 'long spatially improvised performances' in Paris, they could solidify their ensemble and musical style much influenced by Hawkwind, MC5, Shankar, Sun Ra or Silver Apples. After the European tour they nearly split up but David worked on producing experimental tunes and made an effort to reform the band with the help of Juan Trip' (drums, percussion), Takumi Iida (bass) and David Alfonso Gallego (voices & epileptic dance). As a result, Aqua Nebula Oscillator could make a success of 'Happening impro' concerts with cultic rituals and release their eponymous debut album from Pan European Recording in February 2008.

Sadly this dream could not go on for a long while...they broke up soon. David, apart from the other members and left alone, traveled in London for Garage Psychedelic Festival. He met a charming dancer named Shazzula, ringing his bell. David at once invited her to Paris as a vocalist, call Simon Bouteloup (bass) one of the founding members, and recruited Vince Posadzki from Quebec (drums, guitars) - Aqua Nebula Oscillator came back as a different ensemble. Emphasizing stoner & epileptic psychedelia, they released the second album "Under The Moon Of...", recorded in Juan's studio, in November 2008. 

Since 2009, Vince Posadzki was replaced by Antoine Hadjioannou (from Aluk Todolo) on drums, and the band added a new bass player: Victor Rassov. After four years in the band, Shazzula left in november 2010, and since then, she toured with Farflung & White Hills... 

Aqua Nebula Oscillator is not a classical rock band. This band is authentic and free and they do almost everything by themselves. They are living in autarky in a 15th century cave that looks like a "cabinet de curiositées" from the 19th century, full of strange instruments, valve amps, echo boxes, skeletons, grigri and strange sculptures!! They create their own costumes, record covers and songs in their universe far away from the nauseous and miserable meanders of this century. Beware, beware it's not just music; it's a way of life!!!

The band has 2 LP's and one 7" single out on Pan European Recording, 1 EP out on Assommer (USA), 1 LP on Funeral Folk (Belgium), a road movie called "Van International" filmed by Juan Trip (watch here:, 3 short movies by Marco Laguna and 1 short movie by Axelle von Doorpp. They have done many gigs, an European tour with The Cult and they've warmed up for Sky Saxon (The Seeds), The Dead Weather, The Black Angels, Black Acid etc... 
Aqua Nebula Oscillator is a band that has had different formations, each one of them has made an album. 

They have also been featured on the 
Klangbad Festival sampler of 2007 with a live track: "Take a long walk", and on Pan European Recording compilations "Voyage": 
"Voyage 1 - Facing The History Of French Modern Psychedelic Music" (21 jan'2008) including "Ready To Fly" by Aqua Nebula Oscillator, & "Beware" by Musikasphaera *
"Voyage 2 - Mort Pour La France - French Underground Voodoo Music" (24 jan'2011)  including "Dead Souls" by Aqua Nebula Oscillator, & "Seance Friction" by Shazzula. 
Both volumes include tracks by Juan Trip' and Turzi (former members of Aqua Nebula). 
[ * Musikasphaera is a side-project by David Sphaer'Os & Shazzula. When Shazzulla left the band, late'2010, the remaining members of the band performed a time as Os'Sphaeratü. See the two last videos of the "live" playlist below... ]

They signed to Tee Pee Records for release of a new LP "Third" on June 5, 2012. 

David Sphaer'Os : guitar, vocals, sitar, organ 
Victor Rassov : bass, vocals 
Simon Bouteloup : guitar, organ 
Adrian Bang : drums 

" Aqua Nebula Oscillator " (LP / 2008)  >.rar<  

" Under The Moon Of ... " (LP / 2008)  >.rar<  

" Excavation " (12" EP / 2010)  >.rar<  

" Caves Recordings 1998-2008 " (LP / 2010)  >.rar<  

" Lucifer / Dead Soul " (7" single / 2011) 

" Third " (LP / 2012)  > Preview <  


"Klangbad Festival 2007" sampler (2 july'2007)
"Voyage 1 - Facing The History Of French Modern Psychedelic Music" (21 jan'2008), 
"Voyage 2 - Mort Pour La France - French Underground Voodoo Music" (24 jan'2011)

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with videos live @ "Euro Visions", Point Éphémère, Paris, july 11th 2008 (app. 30 min.) 
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More reviews (various languages), pictures, flyers & posters, and music 
on myspace:  

Buying links @ Indie Rock Mag : 

YouTube playlist : Aqua Nebula Oscillator (20 clips)

YouTube playlist : Aqua Nebula Oscillator live ! (2002-2012 / 39 clips)

" Dead Soul " (live radio session France Culture, may 10th 2012) : 

Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Dead Soul par franceculture 

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Operator Generator

Operator Generator is an American stoner rock band from San Jose, California. They were formed in 1997 and released their first self-titled EP in the winter of 1999 under 12th records (Artwork by Malleus). Over a year later they released their debut album titled "Polar Fleet" under Frank Kozic's Man's Ruin Records.

One common denominator among so many stoner rock bands that emerged in the ’90s and early ’00s is a strong appreciation of Black Sabbath. Operator Generator is no exception; Sabbath’s influence often asserts itself on the band’s debut album, "Polar Fleet". Whenever guitarist Thomas Choi provides his forceful, driving riffs, it is obvious that he is a major admirer of Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. But admirers aren’t necessarily clones, and while "Polar Fleet" is very Sabbath-minded, no one will mistake "Polar Fleet" for "Paranoid" or "Master of Reality". Operator Generator’s stoner rock not only owes a debt to Sabbath’s influential metal, but also, to psychedelic rock and space rock. The moody “Soil of Lavamore,” in fact, finds guest Jasper George playing the electric sitar — an instrument that would be right at home on a psychedelic recording. As heavy and aggressive as most of the songs are, Polar Fleet never fails to be melodic. Some headbangers are only interested in brute force for its own sake, but melody and aggression are equally important to Operator Generator. "Polar Fleet" isn’t perfect — some of the songs are more memorable than others. Nonetheless, Operator Generator shows a fair amount of promise on this exciting, if imperfect, debut. (Review by Alex Henderson)

Mitchell French : vocals (Dear Deceased)
Thomas Choi : guitar (Asbestos Death, It Is I, Noothgrush, The Black Jetts)
Joe Tucci : bass
Michael Parkinson : drums
Anthony Lopus : drums (1997-2000)

" Operator Generator " Self-titled EP/2000 (Total time: 13'15")
01. Arctic Quest - 3:26
02. Infinite Loop - 6:04
03. Equinox Planetarium - 3:45

" Polar Fleet " Full-length/2001 (Total time: 32'13")
01. Equinox Planetarium - 3:45
02. Polar Fleet - 4:17
03. Museum's Flight - 3:21
04. Atmospheric Insect/The Launch - 3:15
05. Quaintance of Natherack - 3:45
06. Arctic Quest - 3:26
07. Infinite Loop - 6:04
08. Soil of Lavermore - 4:20

Listen (3 tracks):

Download "Polar Fleet" (mp3/.rar):

Buy Operator Generator music (ebay/amazon):

hybridmagazine review:
sludge swamp review:
stonerandmore review (french/français):

Eternal Elysium

Thundering sludge-filled riffs; massively plodding doom rhythms; slicing, soulful, raging vocals; psychedelic, jazz-filled leads; sweeping jams and driving grooves: every song is epic and raw, each note unforced and natural but as powerful as the birth of anger and pain and hope.

Eternal Elysium know what smoking pot - or at least playing pothead music is all about. This CD reminds me of the Melvins-Sleep-and the jazzy stuff that Black Sabbath did while they were together. (Orexis Of Death blogspot) review:

Yukito Okazaki : vocals, guitars, keys, percussion
Eiichi Okuyama : bass, percussion
Takashi Kuroda : drums, percussion

" Spiritualized D " Full-length/2000 (Total time: 65'33")
01. W.T.G.B. - 6:21
02. Splendid, Selfish Woman - 8:05
03. Floating Downer - 6:04
04. Trick or Steal - 2:56
05. What A Difference A Day Makes - 7:39
06. Stone Wedge - 2:24
07. Easygoin' - 6:41
08. Innocent Exile - 5:21
09. Faithful '99 - 6:27
10. (hidden track) - 15:01

Download (mp3 files/192kbps):
Compressed files (mp3/320kbps):

Eternal Elysium: live footage @ Le Klub, Paris, 25 october 2010 (4 videos):

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Core was a stoner rock band from New Jersey during the late 1990s. The heavy rock trio Core consists of guitarist/singer Finn, bassist Carmine, and drummer Tim. The group's intense mix of jazz, metal, and classic rock debuted in 1996 on their Atlantic Records release "Revival"; three years later, the group returned with "The Hustle Is On", which was released on MIA Records and added acoustic elements to their sound.
"Somewhere between Hendrix, Cream and Blue Cheer with 70's Miles Davis, a blissful psychedelic journey into the new breed of acid rock".

Core debuted with their first album, "Revival", in 1996 on Atlantic Records. The album was produced by Billy Anderson and supported by tours with Fu Manchu, Clutch and Orange 9mm. Despite this publicity, the album suffered due to limited promotion. The band bounced back in 1999 with their follow up, "The Hustle Is On" on MIA Records and Tee Pee Records. Produced by Eric Rachel, this album features artwork by Arik Roper. The album was supported by a tour entitled "Riff Rock Railroad," which also featured Atomic Bitchwax and Nebula. The album mixes stoner, psychedelic rock, punk and jazz music. It contains several instrumental tracks, sometimes long and sometimes just like intermede which gives the album a sort of jam-like feeling. The album begins with the "Monolith" sound of the science fiction film "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick.
The last track's name features "AuH2O" which means goldwater (Au=gold, H20=water).
This album was produced and mixed by Core. Tracks 1,2,4,5,7, were Recorded At Sub Sound and engineered by Stacey "Springdale" Phelon (Engineer on Monster Magnet's first album "Spine Of God"). The other tracks were recorded at Trax East with Eric Rachell. It was mastered at West Side Music by Al Douches.

In addition to the two albums, Core was also featured on the MeteorCity Records compilation "Welcome to Meteor City" (1997), an album that showcased numerous Kyuss-like bands and helped establish MeteorCity. They also contributed "Soul Shaker" (a cover of Aerosmith's "Soul Saver") to the Small Stone Records tribute compilation "Right in the Nuts" (2000). The unreleased song "The Godfather" appears on the Red Sun compilation "Stone Deaf Forever" (2001). The song "Fleetwood" appears on the Tee Pee Records compilation "Guerrilla Jukebox Vol.1" (2003).

In 2004, Finn Ryan replaces Ed Mundel in the group The Atomic Bitchwax.

Carmine Pernini - bass
Finn Ryan - vocals/guitars
Tim Ryan - drums
(Other instruments played by Core: Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass)

Full-length/august'1999 (Total time: 55'33")
01. The Monolith Problem - 5:49
02. Supernumber - 4:49
03. LD.5° - 1:05
04. Fleetwood - 2:31
05. Sarah's Curious Accident - 4:17
06. No.5 In A Series - 0:47
07. Vacuum Life - 3:20
08. Square And Round - 3:50
09. Skinny Legs And All - 1:44
10. (Untitled) - 0:51
11. Bicycle And Tricycle - 4:41
12. Edge City - 6:08
13. Blues For Gus (AuH2O) - 15:24

Download links:


Early live in St. Louis, July 26th, 1996 (opening for Clutch & Fu Manchu) :

The Heavy Eyes

The Heavy Eyes is psychedelic bluesy rock from the delta that sounds similar to a skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969. (MySpace)

This is a very rough EP that was recorded on a Tascam recorder in a non soundproofed room. It was recorded track by track with no metronome and can be off-time at times. The album is meant to give the listener an idea of our sound. Better recordings will be released in the near future, until then enjoy the rough EP. Could we possibly emphasize rough any further? (BandCamp)

Tripp: guitar/vocals
Wally: bass
Eric: drums

" 1 " EP/oct'2010 (Total time: 12'55")
01. Voytek - 2:39
02. Into the fogg - 3:00
03. In Need - 3:11
04. It's Been So Long - 3:05

Download/listen on BandCamp:

Download (compressed files):

Chybucca Sounds review:

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500 Ft. Of Pipe

Listening to this album, we can feel that this band comes from Detroit, Michigan, like The Stooges, MC5, Ted Nugent,... and that it had to be a big influence on them, as well as british bands such as Hawkwind or Deep Purple. The group configuration is rather unique: a drummer in the center, a guitarist on his left and an organist-vocalist on his right. No bass player. Midway between garage and space, their music is reminiscent of some early Monster Magnet, or Spiritual Beggars. They describe themselves their style as "drug-rock".

"If you like the energy and drive of MC5, get a hold of this CD, you won't be disappointed. If you never have listened to the MC5 or 500 Ft. of Pipe, then I feel sorry for you. Do yourself a favor and pick up this CD so you can hear what really good straightforward pot drenched rock and roll sounds like. Over and out." (robwrong/

Once again, the amazing artworks for the albums "Dope Deal" and "Electrifying Church Of The New Light" were made by Italian artists Malleus.

Ross Westerbur: vocals/keyboards
Kevin Edwards: guitars
Mick Stone: drums

Full-length/2001 (Total time: 42'28")

01. Detroit City (Never Done Me No Good) - 4:45
02. '77 Burnout - 3:15
03. Not Your Mule - 2:32
04. Dope Deal - 3:01
05. 420 To Go - 4:40
06. Big Brother - 2:58
07. D.E.A. - 5:15
08. Sunshine Superman - 4:24
09. Wear It Out - 7:02
10. We Blew The Whole Thing Up - 4:36

Full-length/Recorded: 1999, Reissue: 2003 (Total time: 43'42")

01. Turn Me On Baby - 4:11
02. Marshmallow - 4:55
03. Skynet - 2:47
04. Molotov Cocktail - 4:33
05. Automation - 3:48
06. Century 21 - 3:54
07. Open The Pod Bay Doors, HAL - 5:16
08. Sonic Nutrition - 3:56
09. The Electrifying Church Of The New Light - 10:22

7" single/2000 (Total time: 7'23")

01. So Good - 3:46
02. Your Heart Is Angry But Your Mind Is Stoned - 3:37

Full-length/1997 (Total time:35'47")

01. Full On Baby - 6:15
02. Graffenberg Decision - 3:23
03. Down Syndrome - 1:47
04. Alice - 4:41
05. Supercharger - 3:17
06. Egyptian Lust - 6:03
07. You See, Oh Nexus - 10:21

Buy albums (All That Is Heavy):

500 Ft. Of Pipe: " 77 Burnout/DopeDeal " (video):
Footage from The Shelter, Detroit, MI, and The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI.